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While hermits have typically been given this name when they spend time in solitude for religious reasons, people today might have a variety of different motives for living in a secluded, solitary way.

Get away from it all and spend some quality time alone in observance and celebration of National Hermit Day!

History of National Hermit Day

National Hermit Day falls fairly close to the feast day in the Catholic church that is celebrated in honor of Saint Colman mac Duagh, which is celebrated on October 27.

Born in county Galway, Ireland, St. Colman was an Irish holy man who lived in the 6th century. He took a seven year hermitage where he lived in solitude in the Burren Forest with the purpose of communing with God, which would fit nicely with the definition of a hermit.

Celebrated just two days after St. Colman’s feast day, National Hermit Day can be used to give inspiration to those who are in deep need of some time to recharge and regenerate without the noise and chaos of the modern world.

How to Celebrate National Hermit Day

Celebrate and enjoy National Hermit Day with some of these ideas:

Learn About Famous Hermits

Those who love spending time on their own are not “alone” in this practice! Some very famous people have kept themselves out of the public eye and made space to live outside of the confines of social norms and community expectations. Some known hermits include:

  • Father Maxime Qavtaradze

    Carrying on a tradition that ended in the 15th century, this monk lives on top of a pillar in Georgia in an isolated part of the Caucasus mountains, where he has a small cottage. He’s been there since 1993 and comes down one or two times a week for supplies. 

  • Emma Orbach

    This graduate of Oxford University is a mother of three in her 60’s who lives alone in a mud hut in Wales. She does keep livestock and her purpose is to have less of an impact on the environment. She also says that fairies live with her in her hut. 

  • Pope Celestine V

    Forced into the papacy at the age of 84, Pietro del Morrone had enjoyed life as a hermit, living in a cave and wearing shirts made of horsehair. He only lasted for five months as pope.

  • Masafumi Nagasak

    A retired photographer, this Japanese eccentric lives on a remote island and typically doesn’t even bother to wear clothes, except when he takes weekly boat trips to a nearby island for supplies.

Spend the Day Alone

For some introverted people the idea of spending an entire day alone may feel like a dream come true. And it’s for these people that National Hermit Day was established.

One of the best ways to do so might be to get out into nature, as many people find that spending time in nature is a perfect way to recharge, getting away from the hubbub of daily life. Though it may not be necessary to go so far as actually living in a cave!

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