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Pisco, a brandy that is made from white muscat grapes, hails from Peru and is distinctly different from other styles of brandy, particularly Cognac. Pisco was named for the port city in southern Peru where the beverage was typically exported from. 

Infused with other ingredients, including lemon juice, egg white and bitters, Pisco is most well known when made into a distinctly Peruvian drink, which is what International Pisco Sour Day is all about!

History of International Pisco Sour Day

Getting its start in Lima, Peru, the Pisco Sour seems to have originated when American bartender Victor Vaughen Morris created the drink after temporarily moving to Peru to work on building a railway. Upon the railways’ finish in July of 1904, a celebration was in order and this special drink was mixed with pisco after all of the whiskey had been consumed!

More than a decade later, when Morris immigrated to Lima, Peru with his wife and children, he opened a saloon and recreated the Pisco Sour for his local and expat customers.

By 1988, Peru’s National Institute of Culture declared the Pisco Sour an important part of the country’s national heritage. In 2003, International Pisco Sour Day became official when the Peruvian government established it as an official holiday in the country. And now, more than a century after its creation, this drink is considered to be a classic among South American cocktails and is famous all throughout the world.

It is important to know that the Chileans, southern neighbors to Peru, also have their own claims on the Pisco Sour, and even have their own day to celebrate it. No matter where it came from, this drink is certainly worth celebrating!

Today, International Pisco Sour Day is here to pay honor and respect to this unique and interesting drink, as well as the Peruvian culture that pisco comes from.

How to Celebrate International Pisco Sour Day

Try out some of these fun ideas for enjoying and celebrating International Pisco Sour Day on your own or with friends:

Order a Pisco Sour

In honor of International Pisco Sour Day, head over to a local establishment (a restaurant that specializes in South American cuisine) and sidle up to the bar to order a Pisco Sour. It’s a unique drink that just might surprise the bartender!

Make and Enjoy Pisco Sours at Home

Many people who live in the northern hemisphere might be newly introduced to the idea of the Pisco Sour. It is possible to get pisco from Peru or Chile that is imported to the United States, Europe or other places in the world.

To make the drink in celebration of International Pisco Sour Day, grab some simple syrup, an egg white, freshly squeezed lime juice, pisco and some bitters for a garnish. Shake with ice and then strain, either simply serving in a chilled glass or over fresh ice. When garnishing, use a straw or toothpick to swirl the bitters into an appealing design, just for fun!

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